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Sonic Inquirer
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Hi Everyone,
I have a Tibetan Singing Bowl which unfortunately fell and has a big crack... so no sounds or vibrations... I'm so heartbroken that this has happened.
Does any know of where I can have this repaired please?
Thank you.

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I don't know if that can be effectively repaired. 

Mitch or Matt or Joseph, and probably a few others, would be able to answer that. 


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Sonic Inquirer
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Sorry to say that, as far as I am aware, the likelihood of being able to repair that is very low.

The various heat treatments that the bronze of the bowl received during its creation put the crystalline structure of the metal in a specific and "non-equilibrium" state. Any kind of welding or soldering to join that crack up again is going to cause localised heating that will mess up that state and make the area brittle and prone to more cracking - possibly even while attempting the repair, if not later on.

There is a tiny hope. There is a guy somewhere in the USA performing "Laser Micro-Fusion Welding" on cracked cymbals. This is such a short and localised heating that he seems to be getting away with it so far. But I think only on hairline cracks and in the region of the cymbal that does not vibrate with high amplitude. The applicability of this technique to the crack in that bowl is not good.

It could be welded, re-tempered, completely re-worked, but it would not be the same bowl. It would be a different one.

I would love to hear if anyone knows of a way to do it!


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This bowl is beyond repair. Cracks this large are impossible to fix. Even very small hairline cracks can be quite difficult to repair on metal bowls.
Mitch Nur, PhD
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