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Consider the following, taken from Carlos Castaneda's "The Active Side of Infinity".

And then consider what this might have to do with sound healing.
Anything? Maybe, or maybe not, directly.
But consider the scientific, "rational", "linear" syntax and paradigm that we operate
under, and the subsequent way of thinking we often look for validation from, for
evidence and "proof" of things. 

Then consider the possibility that there may be dimensions of sound healing practice
and effect that operate under a noticeably different paradigm, a different perception,
that may be better understood with a significantly different conceptualization and
syntax. (One that we are not well-versed in, in the contemporary western world.)

I believe such perspective and perception are of great significance and open windows
onto worlds, or other layers of this world, that can deepen and expand our sound 
medicine work, understanding and exploration.
And I'm sure many of you are already there. 
(You are there? Or you are here? Where?? Oh, the syntax....!)


A man staring at his equations 
said that the universe had a beginning. 
There had been an explosion, he said. 
A bang of bangs, and the universe was born. 
And it is expanding, he said. 
He had even calculated the length of its life: 
ten billion revolutions of the earth around the sun. 
The entire globe cheered; 
They found his calculations to be science. 
None thought that by proposing that the universe began, 
the man had merely mirrored the syntax of his mother tongue; 
a syntax which demands beginnings, like birth, 
and developments, like maturation, 
and ends, like death, as statements of facts. 
The universe began, 
and it is getting old, the man assured us, 
and it will die, like all things die, 
like he himself died after confirming mathematically 
the syntax of his mother tongue. 


The Other Syntax

Did the universe really begin? 
Is the theory of the big bang true? 
These are not questions, though they sound like they are. 
Is the syntax that requires beginnings, developments 
and ends as statements of fact the only syntax that exists? 
That's the real question. 
There are other syntaxes. 
There is one, for example, which demands that varieties 
of intensity be taken as facts. 
In that syntax nothing begins and nothing ends; 
thus birth is not a clean, clear-cut event, 
but a specific type of intensity, 
and so is maturation, and so is death. 
A man of that syntax, looking over his equations, finds that 
he has calculated enough varieties of intensity 
to say with authority 
that the universe never began 
and will never end, 
but that it has gone, and is going now, and will go 
through endless fluctuations of intensity. 
That man could very well conclude that the universe itself 
is the chariot of intensity 
and that one can board it 
to journey through changes without end. 
He will conclude all that, and much more, 
perhaps without ever realizing 
that he is merely confirming 
the syntax of his mother tongue.


From "The Active Side of Infinity" by Carlos Castaneda 
Copyright 1998 by Laugan Productions




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