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Technology has not served us as well as we'd like to believe to date. In general, it has accelerated society beyond a point we are comfortable with. It has largely replaced meaningful analogue social interaction with relatively meaningless digital interaction, which causes us to feel more empty inside.

However, this should not cause us to believe that technology itself is to blame. Instead, we might consider how it is our relatively novice use of it that is to blame. If technology were to subordinate itself to analogue reality in the most important ways (much like digital control technology would subordinate itself to an analogue signal path in a futuristic synthesizer), we would see it in the best possible light.

I say all this with confidence because I am working hard at designing such systems in my work, systems that put technology in the invisible yet indispensable role it was always meant for. What consistently happens is that we have a relatively technology-free experience (learning a music instrument, going through motion exercises designed to unblock chi flow, experiencing a healing session, etc.), but the technology comes in to help in a minimally intrusive manner when and only when it is actually needed (guidance to optimally learn a piece of music, improving symmetry and grace in body movement, updating parameters of the healing session to maximize measurable benefit.

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^ Agreed. Good and important clarification made, regarding technology.

"However, this should not cause us to believe that technology itself is to blame."
And yes, the consciousness of we the users of technology is the real problem.
Though I think some technology, like nuclear power generation, just might be too dangerous in anyone's hands. (re the consquences of beyond our control earthquakes, tsunamis, etc, and unavoidable human error.) 


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Agreed. A similar argument is that all technologies can be used for both good and bad. In isolation, nuclear experiments that are not scaled to the degree of power generation can be used to learn much about the universe, as had already been done before it was scaled up to weaponry and power generation.

More profoundly, an argument might be made that for each irresponsible application of technology, a more suitable substitute is always readily available, but ignored.

Power generation is a great example of that. You could ask anyone on the street, and nobody would reply "19th century" if asked when the solar cell was first invented. Few people even realize to what extent we had already improved engineering of electric vehicles over a century ago before the internal combustion engine ever came along.

People are familiar with the historical nature of wind turbines only thanks to the popularity of windmills.

Suffice it to say, imagine where we would be now had we actually put a proper century of research and development into sustainable energy technologies. Imagine where we'd be if all of the momentum of the fossil fuel (and nuclear) industries had been put solely into advancing sustainable technology.

Imagine if we'd work with plastics using a recycling-first mentality from the beginning. We'd have none of the world's current problems of pollution.

So certainly the notion that "all technology is good" is incorrect. If we were to have put sustainability over profit from the beginning, the world would be a very different place. One cannot deny that anytime discrete quantities of materials change hands in exchange for money, there is a clear profit model that is not at risk (fossil fuels, pharmaceuticals, etc.). When however waveform technology is employed in place of this, there is a great risk of there being no sustainable profit model at all (homeowners can build their own solar panels, people maintain better health and do not require drugs, etc.).

It is in my opinion fairly safe to generalize on this and see the inherent "evil" of the 20th century as being one of somewhat intentionally obfuscating the tremendous power of wave physics to solve problems in all areas from power generation to overall health and well-being. The products made with particle physics in turn, especially in exclusivity, provide the opportunity to hold power over others, whether that be by providing energy, symptom-treating perpetual drug treatments, or force via military weaponry.


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Originally Posted by kcoul
Next, it remains true that an audible frequency, multiplied an amount ranging from 2^35 to 2^45 (depending on the base frequency) will reach the visible spectrum. Despite that one is a mechanical wave and the other is electromagnetic, in theory, with highly precise equipment which doubtfully exists today, one would be able to phase lock the generators of the sound and light waveforms, meaning that the 0-crossings of both waves would align exactly every 2^35-2^45 oscillations of the light wave.

I think phasing is a really cool effect in audio and visual art. Perhaps it is currently technologically difficult to intentionally create these zero-point phase relationships. But I feel they must occur in nature sometimes, if not frequently. 

Also, I really like what you've said about the last hundred years and our attention and intention with regards to technology. I can only imagine that if you or I, or anyone alive can make these technological advances in sound and light entrainment that we are hoping to in our lifetimes, what kind of advancements our entire species could make in a hundred more years!

Even if it's only candy, well call me Willy Wonka as I envision and manifest the Everlasting Gobstopper of Sound and Light! Among other things, We are Here to Enjoy!

Often science fiction will become science fact if we find paths of information that continue. In some essence I see all living beings as a collective neural network where each individual has the ability to generate and deepen new or existing connections. Thanks for helping to dig deeper and enlighten these connections!

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