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Sonic Inquirer
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Hi, everyone. I am George I'm a little happy today because my paper is moving forward. Suddenly I understand why people are willing to take on some challenges, because it's frustrating in times of difficulty. But the joy of making progress or success is unparalleled.

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Admin/Wizard of Sound
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Hello George,

Thank you for being a member here, visiting and posting, and I'm glad you are at least a little happy.

However, your post is kind of uninformative!
You don't say what your paper is for or about etc.....or if it relates to sound healing/therapy, energy medicine etc??
It just seems like a random post with no apparent relation to this forum....

Also, it doesn't appear to be an "Event" for this Events section of the forum. 

I hope you are continuing to make progress on whatever it is, but please give more relevent details if you post again.
Thank you!


Rich Goodhart

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