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Sonic Inquirer
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Hi, everyone. I am George I'm a little happy today because my paper is moving forward. Suddenly I understand why people are willing to take on some challenges, because it's frustrating in times of difficulty. But the joy of making progress or success is unparalleled.

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Hello George,

Thank you for being a member here, visiting and posting, and I'm glad you are at least a little happy.

However, your post is kind of uninformative!
You don't say what your paper is for or about etc.....or if it relates to sound healing/therapy, energy medicine etc??
It just seems like a random post with no apparent relation to this forum....

Also, it doesn't appear to be an "Event" for this Events section of the forum. 

I hope you are continuing to make progress on whatever it is, but please give more relevent details if you post again.
Thank you!


Sound Medicine Expansive Weekend Retreat!!
at the Omega Institute - Coming again September 25 -27, 2020!!

Please consider joining us!!!
For description and registration info:

 ***Unfortunately the entire 2020 Omega season has been
                cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus.***

Rich Goodhart

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