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There's an idea that some in the 'mystical' realm of the sound healing world present that says we each have a personal note or "signature note". The implication being that we each have a particular primary or essential resonant tone and that discovering that tone would naturally be a good thing for us. Certainly if such a tone exists I'd agree 100% that it be of great value to discover this note, embrace it, play with it, sing it daily. However, I question whether such a singular note actually exists in some fundamental unalterable place within us. 

I feel that one of the most, or maybe I should say I feel that the most important aspect of being a sound healer/therapist is opening up, making friends with, uncovering the deeper dimensions of our own voice. The journey that unfolds from such an endeavor is a profound and life changing one. Learning to awaken our own heart center, to uncover its expanse and depth, learning to live, move and motivate from that place, to ground our existence there is an awakening to the true core of the self. To do so through the soundings of our own voice is possibly the main line connection into and out from this spiritual/body/mind/essence ground center of our multidimensional being. Such a journey into our own 'heart sound center' will surely bring us great personal transformation. Likely, it is a journey that may offer ever unfolding gifts and new awarenesses throughout the pathways, challenges and revealings of our lives.

But is it really about one single “signature note”? Again, in my experience I have not found this to be the case. In my experience I believe that I see myself (and therefore each of us) as an ever changing and fluid energetic entity. Yes, there can be a place of peace and centeredness and grounding within. Yes, there is a core essence that we can discover and develop and strengthen through all sorts of practices (sound, qigong, yoga, meditation etc, etc,...) that matures into a place of relative or reasonable stability regardless of the vast and varied onslaughts of human experience. And yes, there can be a discovered and cultivated nature or quality to the sounding we find within and emanating from this core heart center. However, no, I do not experience this as a single unchanging note. I do not perceive such an absolute residing in and as the essence of who we are. In my experience, and thus my belief, our core sounding exists within a quality of being and it sonically exists within a malleable range of tones, notes and frequencies.

One particular sound healer proclaims: “...we each have a note, and when we sound that note we resonate the very conviction of our truth, and therefore it is the song of our soul.” (I am not naming this person as my intention here is not to make this about any individual or to set anyone up as 'other' or 'the wrong one' etc, or to try to tear anyone down.) Well, that statement 'sounds' nice, but again, I just don't see it that way. To me this is yet another act of oversimplification, of taking a complex, multidimensional and fluid reality and paring it down to a pithy phrase or a simplistic and easily absorbed thought that unfortunately misses the greater essence from which it comes.

So, I ask any and all of you readers and fellow sound explorers: do you have any experience with this concept of a personal note or signature note and if so, what is your perspective? And of course, as with all things posted on this forum please feel free to disagree and to offer differing perspective and experience if you have it.

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Part of the problem of being human is we tend to think our experience is "the truth." You know, I was the first person to record singing bowls for sale online. I've been helping people choose a personal singing bowl for 15 years. I don't think there's one personal note, but it is very clear when someone hears a bowl they really love. They listen, listen, listen... No, no, no, YES! That's the one! When someone finds the sound that they really like, it seems to have some significance: they start making associations and make it important. People used to say "the bowl likes you." But I guess that sounded too silly. Now they place a lot of spiritual significance on the tone. It's a problem of amplification and making the meaning too important in their minds.
People have a special experience and try to understand it. If they have spiritual leanings they may ascribe spiritual meaning. If they're in a community they may believe whatever the community says about chakras and spiritual tones.
I think it's an attempt to define a new and different experience, however poorly or inaccurately. Most people have never heard a sound or felt a vibration like that so they're just doing their best to describe it. It's significant, meaningful, magical - it must be speaking to their soul. So it relates to our tendency to magnify experience and make up stories to explain the unknown. Personally I find a mundane view to be much more interesting and magical...
So as far as your original question, I definitely don't think there is one spiritual sound for everyone or a particular soul sound for one person. I think many sounds can work equally well. Lately I'm inclined to think frequency is not as important as people think. If the frequency is the key to sound healing, there's no one magic note. Life would be pretty boring if things were that simple.

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Hi, I'm not sure about a single "signature note". I have always sneezed at C# , so other musicians tell me. Maybe that's my signature note, maybe not.
In response to Josephs comments about the bowls people choose. from my own experience the bowls and gongs I was initially drawn to were not my "signature note" but the chakra that desperately needed support.
I also think that as we age and change that the note that would best support us will change too. How can we define one particular note when we are a symphony of notes, frequencies and harmonics that work together to create a whole.

With the research that is done to cure diseases using frequencies its not the disease that denotes what frequency to use for any one type of cancer but the person in conjunction with that disease. or we could just give each person their signature note and they would cure themselves.


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In the Western scale, E & A, 2 octaves below middle C have always resonated with me, especially E. I don't really base anything I do on those notes other than I feel/hear them deeply.
Michael Bettine
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