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Dear Yoga Journal,

I would like to ask you to correct the article published in your March 16 article "WHY ARE CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS EVERYWHERE LATELY?"

In this article, the author, Michelle Marie Wallace, unfortunately spreads some very inaccurate and damaging mis-information.

The author states, "crystal alchemy bowls seem to be displacing the traditional Tibetan variety."

This is very far from the truth and the statement is damaging to an important industry. The sale of Tibetan singing bowls has actually grown annually year after year. They are more popular than ever. The singing bowl industry supports many traditional artisans in earthquake ravaged Nepal. The people of Nepal are completely dependent on export of singing bowls and other handicrafts.

Your incorrect statement that Tibetan bowls are out of favor is damaging to this handicraft industry.

Please offer a correction - I invite you to interview me or other Tibetan singing bowl experts and write an article about these amazing objects.

I wrote The Singing Bowl Book which unfolds their 1,000 year history. They are an important part of world history, not to be dismissed by your author in order to favor a commercial product.

It's really wrong of you to publish an article that supports an advertiser and crushes a tradition.

The article goes on to say that crystal bowls are better than metal because human beings are made of water. This is really not true. In the age of neurology, this is new age speculation and not true to experience or empirical scrutiny.

Singing bowls do much more than vibrate water in our cells or activate chakras. Singing bowls are used for serious neurological, psychological and emotional issues. To reduce them to this new age language is a huge disservice.

Metal singing bowls are the most effective for sound healing. The ideas in the article are conjectural and unfortunately false. Again, this article is damaging to the singing bowl industry and is a disservice to individuals who are interested in sound healing.

The ideas expressed by the author are shallow, untrue and do not express the real beauty and importance of this topic.

Please publish a new article about bronze singing bowls, also called Himalayan bowls or Tibetan singing bowls. Himalayan bowls are not being replaced by crystal bowls at all. In fact they are growing fast in popularity in yoga studios around the world.

Metal singing bowls are amazing hand made instruments. The antiques especially are treasures. See them at

Thanks, Joseph Feinstein, 
Founder, Himalayan Bowls

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