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Do you think "New Age" foolishness and misguidance are new?
From 100 years ago!:

“Very often man gives great importance to color and tone, so much so that he forgets that which is behind them, and that leads him to many superstitions, fancies and imaginations. Many people have fooled the simple ones by telling them what color belonged to their souls, or what note belonged to their lives. Man is so ready to respond to anything that can puzzle him and confuse his mind! He is so willing to be fooled! He enjoys it so much if somebody tells him that his color is yellow or green, or that his note is C, D, or F on the piano. He does not care to find out why. It is like telling somebody: “Wednesday is your day, and Tuesday some other person’s”.

  In point of fact all days are ours, all colors are ours. It is Man who is the master of all manifestation. It is for Man to use all colors and tones. They are at his disposal, for him to use and make the best of. It would be a great pity if we were subjected to one color and tone. There would be no life in this; it would be a form of death. The staircase is made for us to ascend, not for us to continue stepping in one place. Every step is our step, if only we take it.”

  Hazrat Inayat Khan, from “The Mystery of Color and Sound” a lecture given in England 1918-1919
(From The Mysticism of Sound and Music.)


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