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A Daily Practice To Explore Sound And Consciousness

These exercises can be practiced in any order you like at any time you like for as long as you like. These practices do not all have to be done all together. You do not have to practice all of these exercises. These practices are not meant to be perfect. My intention with sharing my practice for self study is that it inspire others to understand that some further level of Self Study is essential to our Sound Work.  My intention is to get the point across that we have to practice. I tried to create a model that would work for anyone regardless of Spiritual orientation or belief systems. Feel free to create your own practice.  

1. Create and Tune Into Your Space - Create an environment for yourself where you can be yourself. Make it your own understanding of sacred. Have all of your tools just right. Make your intention clear. Tune In before you begin through some kind of tone, chant, affirmation, purpose, goal, etc. Become sensitive to the space within you and the space around you.

2. Kindness Practice - Be kind to others and be kind to yourself. Be compassionate.

3. Breath Practice - Take a few moments to practice any breath exercise (pranayama). As you breathe, focus on the sound of your breath and all other internal sounds - heartbeat, stomach, etc.

4. Movement Practice - Explore your body through some kind of movement. This can be any form of Yoga, Dance, Qi Gong, Martial Arts, Shaking, Etc.

5. Energy practice - Do any practice where you are connecting with your life energy - Star Exercise, Qi Gong, Yoga, Reiki, etc (This can be mixed into your movement practice).

6. Vocalization Practice - Explore the power of your voice - Singing, Chanting, Toning, Humming, etc. You can practice scales, sing songs or allow the voice to be free.

7. Listening Practice - Spend a few moments doing any type of attentive, willful or deep listening. You can listen to the sounds of the outer world, your inner world or a combination of both.

8. Practice Your Instrument - Focus on improvisation, experimentation and exploration. Focus on Listening just as much as you are focusing on playing. Allow yourself to disappear into the sound. Allow yourself to be in the flow of time.

9. Stillness Practice - Spend a few moments in silence and stillness (Can be done standing, sitting or on back).

10. Study and research - Read something that enriches your understanding of sound, music, acoustics, energy, movement, listening, breath, the body, etc.

11. Listening Expansion Practice - Listen to a new song or album every day.

12. Journaling Practice - Write a few thoughts or ideas on music, sound, listening, movement or about something that inspired you that day. As you write or type, Listen to the sound that you are making with the pen/paper or keyboard.

13. Silliness Practice - Make sure that you keep a sense of humor and laugh a lot!

14. Walking practice - Take a walk for the experience of walking. Listen deeply to your journey.

CC Mike Tamburo/Crown of Eternity Share with Credit to Mike Tamburo

Mike Tamburo

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Thank you. Im looking for a daily routine for quite some time. Must have overlooked this great thread. Do you think someday something like that will be researched well enough, so it will get approved? From my understanding they could be a nice tool to improve sound healing methods. But then again im not a scientist, so i would love to hear other opinions. Maybe someone has a good link to scientific research made on those stuff? That would be really awesome.
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